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10 Home Decluttering Tips & Tricks

10 Home Decluttering Tips & Tricks - Clutter on the couch
Tracy Simmons
Tracy Simmons
March 25, 2022

Unfortunately, homes tend to grow messier with each passing day. A few misplaced items can turn into clutter, leading to a chaotic home before you know it. Unfortunately, clutter increases the stress level of everyone in the house. It makes it more challenging to find items you need when you need them, leading to the purchase of unnecessary replacements. These are only some of the downsides of living in a cluttered home. You understandably want to improve this aspect of your living environment, but what are some practical decluttering tips and tricks?

Organized Closet

1. Give everything a space of its own. Items that do not have a dedicated place that is exclusively their own will inevitably contribute to the clutter problem in your home.

2. Choose suitable storage options. There is a wide range of storage options for all of your belongings, from hooks for hats and coats to baskets for the kids’ toys in the living room.

3. Make use of all storage spaces. While you may need to invest in storage options, you need a dedicated space for each storage item. Consider everywhere from closet shelves and drawers to underneath the bed and behind closed doors.

Folding Clothes

4. Take advantage of vertical space. With a limited amount of floor space in your home, optimizing wall space with hanging shelves and bookshelves makes sense. Consider an overhead storage platform in the garage as well.

5. Put storage options where you need them most. You are more likely to use your storage system when convenient. Identify where clutter accumulates, and choose storage containers and options that will address the problem in these areas.

6. Focus on the flow of your home. Each home has a natural flow, and clutter tends to follow that. You can achieve lasting results from your decluttering efforts by supporting the natural flow in your home.

7. Conceal the clutter. The last thing you want is for your storage containers to become a part of the problem. Coat hooks may naturally be left open, but look for storage opportunities that are concealed. Cabinet and drawer organizers enable you to optimize the use of these hidden areas.

8. Get rid of unnecessary and unused items. Even with the right organizational features in your space, you only have so much space to work with. As your decluttering efforts take you into each room of your home, toss out items that you have no intention of using in the near future.

9. Make a decluttering checklist. Decluttering is a big chore, so it helps to organize your efforts. Create a checklist of the areas of your home that you want to focus on each day or week. Small efforts daily can yield major results over time.

Clean simple bedroom

10. Change your décor. An excessive number of knick-knacks, throw pillows, or other items can contribute to the cluttered feel in your home. Take a less-is-more approach to your home décor.

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