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10 Low-Cost Yard Landscaping Ideas for Summer

Low-Cost Yard Landscaping - Front Yard with Flowers
Tracy Simmons
Tracy Simmons
May 27, 2022

Coming up with low-cost yard landscaping ideas is fun and easy through brainstorming with family members and friends. Adding aesthetic and practical features to your backyard will make your home more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some simple ways to improve your landscaping without making a big investment.

1. Add Color with Outdoor Lights

Backyard lights

One of the most effective low-cost yard landscaping ideas that will illuminate your home is to add colorful outdoor lights. White LED string lights add a touch of class to a backyard patio, creating a cheerful and sophisticated setting.

2. Grow Plants in Portable Containers

When you grow plants in portable containers such as lightweight wooden crates, you can easily move them around like potted plants. This approach is useful for seasonal plants that move from indoors to outdoors in the spring. Small portable plants make nice gifts you can give to visitors.

3. Build Eye-Catching Borders

Dark borders help define different areas of your backyard. Using dark wood to separate your garden from the lawn makes the garden look more organized. The appearance of borders suggests the garden is being managed with care.

4. Harvest an Edible Garden

Fresh Tomatoes

If you have the time to grow a garden, why not grow edible crops? Homegrown tomatoes and other products are often unbeatable in terms of taste and nutrition. You'll be acting locally and it will help cut the food budget for your house parties and regular grocery shopping.

5. Pave a Stone Path Walkway Thru Your Garden

A stone path is one of the most cost-effective yet attractive ways to pave a walkway through your garden. It will help protect your crops from getting stepped on when guests visit.

6. Make Benches Out of Trees

If a tree in your backyard is getting old and drying out, consider cutting it down before it falls down and creates damage. Then use parts of the tree to make benches, which will help give your yard a back-to-nature feel.

7. Plant All-Year Perennials

Garden flowers

Perennial plants persist through all the seasons, making them part of a sustainable landscaping solution. Roses are among the most beautiful and adored perennials, along with desert-resistant plants that don't require much watering.

8. Surround Your Mailbox with Flowers

To keep your mailbox from looking like an outdated eyesore, surround it with living color and energy, which can be any type of flower. It can make your house stand out so that when you invite guests over, you can tell them to look for flowers around the mailbox.

9. Make Your Own Planters

You can make homemade planters out of a variety of materials you might already have in your garage. Planters can be made out of trash cans, buckets, tubs, pallets, glass or plastic bottles, and old cooking pots.

10. Grow a Vertical Garden

Different methods exist for growing a garden. The advantage of growing a vertical garden is that you can maximize space by growing more plants in a smaller area. A hydroponic garden can be grown with vertical towers or shelves.


Use these low-cost yard landscaping ideas to get started on freshening up your backyard landscaping. While you’re busy fixing up your yard, why not save time and get a free estimate for a maid so your home will be ready for summer gatherings with family and friends.