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5 Signs It's Time To Change Cleaning Services

Changing Cleaning Services - Unmotivated Cleaning Person
Tracy Simmons
Tracy Simmons
November 26, 2021

Regular service from a hardworking housekeeper is a true luxury that undoubtedly delivers pleasure in various ways. However, there may come a time when your relationship with your maid simply is no longer working out. Often, minor issues can be resolved through a meaningful conversation. Other problems are significant, indicating the need to part ways. What are some signs it's time to change cleaning services?

Your Home Is Not Cleaned to Your Standards

Finger cleaning a surface with dust

Hiring a maid can save you countless hours of exhaustive labor, but there is some effort required on your part. After all, you need to make the house available to be cleaned by keeping the kids out of the way. When you go through the effort and expense of hiring a housekeeper, you understandably expect the work to be done up to your high standards. If you notice yourself regularly doubling back to touch up the maid’s efforts, this is a sure sign that you may need to hire a different maid service. A professional maid will not leave dust, crumbs, and pet hair behind for you to deal with.

The Cleaner Spends Less Time Cleaning Your Home Than Before

There is a honeymoon phase with some housekeepers. At first, they may work hard to impress you with quality workmanship. Over time, however, the housekeeper may start to rush through services or skip them altogether. If you are not getting the same value for your money as you once did, it may be time to hire a conscientious maid about their efforts consistently.

The Maid’s Schedule Is Unpredictable or Inconvenient

It is reasonable to expect your housekeeper to show up at the scheduled time and to work thoroughly until the job is done. You should be able to schedule your maid to show up and work within a specific time window. While there may be an off encounter from time to time, chronic tardiness or frequent rescheduling may indicate the need to hire someone more reliable.

Items Are Missing

Man looking for something under the sofa

Do you struggle to find items after your cleaner leaves? Do you see them later in truly unusual locations? Some housekeepers relocate items rather than put them away because it is easier and faster. If a simple conversation to discuss this matter does not resolve the situation, it is time to part ways. After all, your maid service should make your life easier rather than more challenging.

Your Belongings Are Frequently Damaged

Shattered glass

Professional maids work efficiently, but they also work carefully. When maids’ efforts are too hasty and careless, accidents happen. It is reasonable to expect an item to be damaged here and there over a year, but this should not be a regular occurrence.

After you fire your housekeeper, you understandably may not want to make a hasty hiring decision. After all, you do not want to go through this experience again. On the other hand, your house will get dirtier by the day until help arrives. At The Elite Maids, we go through an extensive screening process so that our clients’ homes are cleaned by true professionals. More than that, we stand behind the quality of our maids’ work with a guarantee. If you are ever unhappy with our services, simply let us know how to remedy the situation. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote for your home cleaning needs.