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7 Best Plants for Your Bedroom

Best Plants for Your Bedroom - Bedroom with plants
Carla Docdocil
Carla Docdocil
February 24, 2023

Ready to bring some life into your bedroom? Besides a cozy blanket, plants are the perfect addition to any home to make you feel more energized, relaxed, and comfortable. Do you need help determining which plants look best in your space or survive without sunlight? Don't sweat it, we’ve got you covered! Here are seven of the best plants for your bedroom that can thrive in low light while adding a cozy vibe. Whether you're looking for an air-purifying plant like aloe vera or something easy-maintenance such as pothos, there are many options for all budgets and skill levels - so let's dive right in!

English Ivy

English Ivy

English Ivy is the perfect bedroom plant - just enough light to keep it lush, and a few spritzes of water each week will help in effectively removing those nasty toxins like benzene, xylene, and formaldehyde that can build up indoors. Not only that, but English Ivy also has natural allergy-fighting properties, which eliminate animal feces odors, so you don't have to worry about any more sneezing fits!


Give your bedroom a sweet and soothing makeover with lavender! Lavender is one of the best plants for your bedroom with its air-purifying qualities to freshen and renew the air, and its aromatic scent can help you relax. Place near a south-facing window for direct sun exposure, water when slightly dry - don't drench it - and enjoy not only an aesthetically pleasing addition to the room but one that may bring calmness throughout your day.

Snake Plant

Add a unique style to your bedroom with the majestic snake plant! Not only does this succulent add an elegant appeal, but it also helps purify the air around you - removing unwanted toxins like carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. An added bonus is that these plants are so low maintenance; ensure not to overwater them and provide indirect sunlight for optimal care. Best part? These plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen even at night, promoting better health while providing stunning decor.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an excellent plant with countless benefits that you probably already know- like its anti-inflammatory properties and how it can help your skin. But here's something cool you might not have known: aloe also helps improve the quality of your sleep! That's because, at night, this unique little plant releases oxygen into the air to purify it - so keep yours near a window for sun exposure if you want optimal bedtime breathing! The best part? Taking care of aloe isn't any harder than other plants– no need for daily watering, just some light every now & then. Sweet dreams are made of these!

Rubber Fig

Give your bedroom a stylish, green touch with the Rubber Fig plant! This beautiful foliage is not only easy to maintain but also delivers some significant health benefits. The rubber fig is the perfect addition to any home, boasting air-purifying properties that help alleviate allergy and inflammation symptoms. Plus, it's low maintenance - all you need to do is water once a month! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity – give yourself the gift of cleaner air with an aesthetically attractive houseplant today!


With its lush, heart-shaped leaves and cascading stems that can reach several feet long, it is one of the simplest houseplants to care for. Pothos is a delightful addition to any bedroom because it helps eliminate odors. Placing them near windows with moderate or bright light will make these beauties flourish -- remember not to overwater them! Keep the soil slightly dry between waterings, so they look freshest.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Brighten up your living space with a spider plant! Did you know that these versatile plants not only keep the air in your home clean and fresh but can also make it more humid? Plus, what's even better is that compared to other houseplants - like ferns or rubber trees- caring for them couldn't be easier. But wait, there's more; studies have found tangible benefits of having one around as well – potentially reducing stress & anxiety levels while managing hay fever or allergies too! The key to keeping yours happy (and healthy) is simple: water when the soil feels dry, and remember, no direct sunlight. 

Freshen Up Your Bedroom and Bring it to Life

Bedrooms are for rest and relaxation, so choosing the right plants is essential. Whether you're looking for something to help purify or that looks good on your nightstand, these are the best plants for your bedroom. And if you're looking for more ways to stage your house plants, check out our blog post. So take these tips and start filling your bedroom with greenery today.