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Giving Feedback To Your Cleaning Crew

Giving Feedback to your Cleaning Crew - House Maid
Tracy Simmons
Tracy Simmons
January 14, 2022

Reputable, experienced housekeepers want you to be satisfied with their work. Because of this, they appreciate constructive feedback that helps them deliver the best results possible for you. Unfortunately, many people believe that any feedback would be perceived as nagging or make them demanding clients. The good news is that you can deliver the feedback that your cleaners need to hear effectively and positively by keeping a few key points in mind. What are some tips for giving feedback to your cleaning crew?

Communicate Both Positive and Negative Feedback

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Your housekeeper works hard to make you happy, and they understandably do many things right. Rather than exclusively focusing on the negative, start your conversation with a compliment. Recognize their particular efforts and excellent work upfront so that they know that you appreciate the effort. Then, offer constructive feedback on something specific.

Take Advantage of a Variety of Communication Methods

The best way to communicate feedback to your cleaner is through a face-to-face conversation. However, many people are not home when their housekeeper stops by. Writing a note is one option, but tone can be lost in the written word. With this in mind, it may be best to call your housekeeper before or after the service is complete to convey your feedback if you cannot offer it in person.

Get the Facts First

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One of the critical reasons for verbal communication is getting the facts before you jump to conclusions. For example, you may be upset that a stain has not been removed. However, the hardest stain to remove may require specialized efforts that your cleaner does not provide or does not have the supplies and equipment to do. Simply asking a few questions before offering feedback can prevent stressful misunderstandings and avoid the possibility of accusations.

Establish a Two-Way Conversation

Communication is a two-way street. While you may be focused on delivering your feedback, this is a two-way conversation that requires both parties to engage in a back-and-forth conversation. Discuss your concerns. Learn about why something is happening, and talk about possible solutions. There may be multiple solutions for you to choose from.

Refer to Their Authority

The chances are that your housekeeper has spent years cleaning homes daily, and they have a deep level of expertise that you lack. Because of this, your cleaner has a level of authority that only comes with experience. By appealing to this experience and authority in a conversation, you can show respect and appreciation while still conveying essential feedback.

Be Sensitive and Compassionate

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Regardless of how professional your housekeeper is, there is a chance that they will take feedback personally to a degree. After all, if your cleaner is passionate about their work, negative feedback can feel like a blow. Ensure that your feedback is delivered with an element of compassion and avoid making accusations.

It makes sense to focus on improving one or two aspects of their service at a time rather than going into detail about a laundry list of concerns at one time. Now that you are aware of practical tips for giving feedback to your cleaning crew, you can proceed confidently.