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House Plant Staging Tips to Jazz Up Your Home

Quick Tips - House Plant Staging - Indoor Succulents in beautiful containers
Tracy Simmons
Tracy Simmons
April 8, 2022

As you prepare to list your home for sale, you understandably want to take reasonable steps to present your property in the best light to prospective buyers. Houseplants are increasingly common in homes across the country because of the impact that they can have on décor and ambiance. By introducing a natural element with pleasing colors into a space, houseplants can add a part of serenity and comfort that the home may otherwise lack. This can increase the appeal and even help you sell your home faster. However, it is not enough to simply add a few plants to your home décor. What are some essential house plant staging tips that you should know?

Keep Your Plants Healthy

Woman taking care of her plants

Healthy plants can have a pleasing effect on décor, but wilted, yellowing, or otherwise unhealthy plants can have the opposite effect. The last thing that you want is to introduce an element to your space that turns prospective buyers off. If you are buying new plants for your home, take care when selecting plants at the store. If you already have plants in your home, ensure that they are healthy before listing your home for sale. In some cases, plants may need to be replaced, moved to an ideal location, or even fertilized.

Select the Plants’ Placement Carefully

Each plant species has optimal growing conditions. These conditions include water and soil conditions and access to sunlight or shade. Research the optimal requirements for the species in your home, and rearrange your existing plants as necessary. If you are purchasing new plants and have a specific location in mind, select a species that will thrive in that location. Keep in mind that plant placement should also enhance your décor. Plants can sit on the floor, be placed on a tabletop, or even hang from the ceiling. Choose an arrangement where they will make the most significant impact.

Choose Beautiful Containers

Indoor plants with beautiful containers

While the plants will make a statement, their containers can elevate décor. There is an expansive range of pots, stands, and other containers. They vary in size, color, shape, and overall style. While some may blend in with the décor and let the plants shine, other containers can be a statement piece. When selecting wall art and decorative elements, you should choose containers with the same care.

Consider Faux or Dried Plants

While live houseplants have infinite appeal in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, patios, and other home areas, some people struggle to keep live plants healthy. If you have a brown thumb, there may be different ways to incorporate vegetation into your space. For example, you could stage your home with dried plants or even faux plants. When selecting fake plants, look for options that look as realistic as possible.

Get Your Home Ready to List Today

Staged living room with plants

Selecting the right plants for your décor and following practical house plant staging tips are not the only matters that may require your attention before you list your home. Many homeowners struggle with a variety of housekeeping challenges. You understandably may feel that you are being pulled in many directions as you prepare to list your home for sale. Get the extra help you need with a major spring cleaning service from the team at The Elite Maids today.