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How Much Is a House Cleaner in My Area?

How Much Is a House Cleaner? - House Keeper
Tracy Simmons
Tracy Simmons
February 25, 2022

Hiring a house cleaner to help you with your cleaning chores may be one of the best things you have done for yourself recently. While some people view housekeeping services as a frivolous expense, the reality is that it adds actual value to your life in several ways. For example, it gives you back your limited free time. You may spend this time with loved ones, working on a hobby, or enjoying other ways. The services also may give you a cleaner home. After all, professional cleaners know strategies to tackle tough messes and may do some tasks that you may not do as frequently as you should. However, before you hire a housekeeper, you need to know if the services are affordable for your budget. How much is a house cleaner?

How Housekeeping Rates Are Determined

House Keeper cleaning the bathroom

House cleaners use several factors to determine their rates. For example, they take into account the size of the house. They also estimate the number of hours it may take to clean the home. The number of cleaners on the job must also be considered. Generally, you can expect to pay between $.05 and $.10 per square foot. As a general rule of thumb, house cleaning providers will charge between $30 and $75 per hour per cleaner. This roughly equates to between $100 to $250, depending on the scope of the job.

Other Factors That Could Impact Your Rate

Other factors could impact your rate. If you live in an area with a higher cost of living or demand for housekeepers in the area, the rate will be higher. You will typically get a lower rate for regular cleaning than a one-time service. Specialized services such as deep cleaning, windows, and organization may also cost more. Another factor that can impact your rate is what other cleaning companies charge.

Why Professional Cleaners Cost More


You may find an independent housekeeper willing to work for a lower hourly rate, but there are a few good reasons why it is worth paying more for professional services. House cleaning companies charge higher rates because they have more overhead. For example, they carry worker’s compensation insurance that protects you and the workers in the case of an accident while on your property. They also have business liability insurance covering their business and company vehicles, protecting you and your property. In addition, they have a business license, and, in some cases, they might be bonded that further protects you and your valuables in case something goes missing. Imagine this scenario; you hire a low-cost cleaner, and they slip and fall while in your home or on your property and are injured. Your homeowners' policy will most likely not cover their injury, and they may sue you for damages—insurance costs money, which adds to hiring a professional cleaning company. So, the next time you hire a house cleaner, make sure they have the proper insurance that will protect you and your property, giving you peace of mind.

Make the Most of Your Housekeeping Service

Cleaning supplies

After you hire a cleaning service, you understandably want to make the most of that service. There are a few housekeeping strategies that you can use to help your cleaner be more productive. For example, although most professional cleaners bring their cleaning supplies, if they do not, make sure they have access to a full range of essential cleaning supplies when they visit. If you have children or pets, make sure your provider cleans with eco-friendly products. During their visit, keep children and pets out of the way while the housekeeper works. Consider asking your housekeeper if there are any other steps you can take to create a good work environment.

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How much is a house cleaner in your area? The best way to determine how much housekeeping services will cost for your home is to request an estimate. Contact The Elite Maids today for a customized quote for the cleaning services your home needs.