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How Often Should You Clean Your House?

How Often Should You Clean the House? - Woman cleaning
Tracy Simmons
Tracy Simmons
September 24, 2021

Hiring a house cleaning service in Pasadena, CA, may be one of the best things that you have done for your home and family in a while. After all, professional maid services can leave your home beautifully clean and sanitary. At the same time, using a cleaning service can free up your time and energy to spend on far more enjoyable things. However, before you schedule service for your home, you need to decide between a light cleaning service versus deep cleaning. The correct answer for your home depends on the answer to another question. How often should you clean your house? A closer look will help you to make the most out of your cleaning service.

Light Cleaning‍

Cleaning the countertop

Lighting cleaning, which some maid service companies call regular cleaning, covers all of the tasks that you would do weekly. The services include vacuuming, mopping, dusting, cleaning toilets, wiping down counters, and more. After this type of maid service has been completed in your home, your regular cleaning chores are done. Depending on the size of your home, light cleaning may take an hour or less. Light cleaning is the type of service your home will need most of the time, but it is not a replacement for deep cleaning.

Deep Cleaning or Spring Cleaning‍

Trash bags after spring cleaning

Many other chores require your attention from time to time, but they do not need to be done every week or even every month. For example, at some point, you need to clean out your fridge, sanitize garbage cans, and scrub the grout. These are only some of the many types of chores that fall under the realm of deep cleaning, which may also be called spring cleaning. To thoroughly deep clean your home, you may need to devote several hours or more to the project.

The Right Cleaning Strategy‍

You may be wondering if you need help with regular cleaning or deep cleaning. The reality is that all homes require both types of services at different intervals. Light cleaning usually is completed every week. If you plan to do cleaning in between maid services, you may be able to stretch this out to a biweekly cleaning schedule. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, should be completed approximately every six months. This cleaning strategy will keep your home as clean as you want it to be, but you will not pay for cleaning services more frequently than needed.

Schedule Cleaning Service Today‍

Professional Cleaning

A clean home is a necessity, but many people lack the time, energy, or drive necessary to clean the house the full attention it deserves. If you’re looking for a maid service in Pasadena, CA, to do all of the light and deep cleaning, you are treating yourself to the full benefits of a clean home. At the same time, you are freeing up time that you could spend with family and friends, relaxing or in other more enjoyable ways. The Elite Maids provides house cleaning services throughout the Pasadena area. For light or deep cleaning services for your home, call to schedule an appointment today.