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How to Clean Outdoor Furniture

How to Clean Outdoor Furniture - Patio Furnitures
Tracy Simmons
Tracy Simmons
July 8, 2022

Your outdoor furniture creates a comfortable living space that is perfect for entertaining and for relaxing. However, it is exposed to the elements on a daily basis. As a result, it may become filthy with dust, signs of pest and bird activities, pet hair, and more. Are you wondering how to clean outdoor furniture? Cleaning your furniture regularly will extend its life. Here are a few helpful tips to keep it looking great for years to come.

Invest in the Right Products and Supplies

Cleaning Products

Before you start cleaning your furniture, you need to have the right combination of supplies and products available. For example, a quality hose nozzle, pet-friendly cleaning products, a bucket, a broom, and a scrub brush are essential supplies. By pulling these products out as a first step, you can walk through the other steps quickly.

Sweep Debris Off the Furniture

Cobwebs, grass, leaves, and other debris may have gathered on your outdoor furniture. Use a broom to quickly remove the bulk of the debris. Remember to reach underneath the furniture, if possible.

Launder Cushion Covers

Many types of outdoor furniture have cushions with removable covers. If this is the case, remove the cushion covers and launder them with the throw pillow covers in the washing machine. To avoid shrinkage and damage, be sure to follow the care instructions.

Wipe Down the Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

You may now be left with dirty furniture frames and with cushions that do not have removable covers. Using your preferred cleaning product that is safe for upholstery and furniture, follow the usage instructions. Scrub down the surfaces until all of the dirt and grime is removed.

Use a High-Pressure Stream of Water

The next step to take when cleaning outdoor furniture is to use a hose with a spray nozzle to spray down the furniture. Ensure that all soap and debris are removed, and this includes spraying underneath the surfaces where cobwebs and other debris may have accumulated.

Wash Your Patio/Deck

Washing Patio Floor

While your hose is out, this may be a great time to rinse off your patio or deck as well. Combine your preferred cleaning product or mild dish soap with water in the bucket. While you can scrub the deck by hand, it may be easier to use a hard-bristled broom and soapy water to complete this step.

Dry the Cushions

If your cushions do not have removable covers, leave the cushions out in the sun to air dry before putting them back on the furniture.


Now that you know how to clean outdoor furniture properly, you can see that this is a labor-intensive process that should be done a couple of times each year. If you feel as though you are constantly cleaning your house and can’t keep up with it, why not hire a professional cleaning company like The Elite Maids to help?