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How to Eliminate Dust in Your Home

Eliminate Dust in Your Home - Dust in the floor
Tracy Simmons
Tracy Simmons
June 24, 2022

Does it seem like you are constantly battling dust in your home? Even a fine layer of dust can make your home look filthy, and this layer may start to be visible only hours after you last dusted. When you feel like your home is constantly covered in dust, stress and frustration could mount. The good news is that there are a few easy steps that you could take to minimize the amount of dust that is in your home. Are you wondering how to eliminate dust in your home? Here are the top ways to do it!

Park Your Shoes at the Front Door

Shoes in the front door

One of the most significant contributors to dust in homes is shoes. Each time you walk through your house with shoes, you may be tracking in small dirt particles and other debris from the outside world. This can accumulate quickly on your floors, and it may find its way through the air ducts and onto your furniture. If you do not already do so, start a new routine of taking off your shoes before you enter the house.

Use Front Door Mats

You can also conveniently keep more dust from entering the home by using front door mats. These mats should be placed on both the inner and outer sides of the front door. You may also enter the home from other doorways, such as the garage and back doors. Use door mats in these areas as well.

Change the Air Filters Regularly

Dirty Air Filter

The dust and debris that does enter your home can become airborne and may travel through the air ducts. Air filters are in place to capture this debris, and they can keep your home and your indoor air cleaner as a result. However, air filters are less effective when they are dirty. You can maximize the benefits of air filters by changing the filters regularly. You also may consider cleaning the air ducts annually.

Vacuum Your Mattress

If you suffer from indoor allergies, dust is likely the culprit. The most significant contributor to indoor allergies is dust mites. These small pests commonly find a home in mattresses, pillows, and bed linens. Launder your pillows and linens regularly to keep the dust mites at bay. In addition, as part of your spring cleaning effort, vacuum both sides of the mattress.

Clean Floors Weekly

Cleaning floor

Your home’s floors can get covered in dust and other types of debris. While you may easily notice the dirt on hard floors, carpet piles can conceal and even trap this debris. In addition to mopping and sweeping hard floors, your carpets should be vacuumed on a weekly basis to remove accumulated dust. A great way to make housework seem to go faster is to have a playlist of upbeat songs to listen to while cleaning.

Dust with a Dryer Sheet

Dryer sheets are created with an anti-static layer. When you use a dryer sheet as a dust cloth, you can remove the dust and spread the dryer sheet’s anti-static properties to your furnishings. As a result, dust will be repelled from the furniture for a period of time.

Now that you know how to eliminate dust in your home, you can see that you have a lot of work in front of you. You understandably are tired of wasting time dusting your furniture once or twice per week, but you can see that it takes additional effort to minimize the amount of dust that piles up. Are you looking for a faster, easier way to enjoy a beautifully clean home? Contact the house cleaning experts at The Elite Maids for a Free House Cleaning Estimate today!