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Top Housekeeping Challenges and Strategy

Housekeeping Challenges & Strategy - Woman getting ready to clean
Tracy Simmons
Tracy Simmons
December 24, 2021

Keeping your home spotless and sanitary is a big job. You understandably want your maids to do a great job in your home at each visit. However, there are common challenges that housekeepers face while working in clients’ homes. These are challenges that ultimately could affect the cleanliness of your home, the condition of various surfaces, and even indoor air quality. What are the housekeeping challenges and strategy to effectively combat them? These are some of the more common challenges that our maids have faced in recent years and what we recommend to prevent those challenges from impacting your home.

Cleaning Different Types of Surfaces Effectively

Woman cleaning the kitchen surface

Some residents believe that providing a bottle of all-purpose glass cleaner is sufficient, but the reality is that your home has a wide range of materials that require cleaning. These materials may range from glass and wood to porcelain, granite, vinyl, and more. Providing cleaning products to address all needs will ensure that each area is properly cleaned.

Having Inadequate Cleaning Supplies

More cleaning products may be needed to properly clean a home than you think. This is because many people under-utilize products when they clean on their own. In order to work efficiently and to do great work, your housekeeper needs access to a large supply of products. Check the supply after each cleaning service to determine which ones you need to purchase more of before the next service.

Cleaning Around Disorganization

Woman vacuuming a disorganized living room

When you clean your home, you may clean and organize as you go. Professional maids, however, are tasked only with cleaning surfaces. Disorganization can impact the results your maid can deliver. Take time to put everything back in its place before the housekeeper arrives.

Not Having Clear Instructions

Do you have special cleaning requests for the next service? Providing a shortlist of areas or chores that require attention is always helpful to a maid. However, long lists can slow down or even confuse the housekeeper. Keep special instructions short and easy to understand.

Not Having a Quality Vacuum

Vacuums that are filthy, that have a dirty air filter, or that have inadequate seals can make it nearly impossible to adequately remove dust, pet hair, and more. This is because they may not pick up all of the filth that they should or because they allow the filth to escape back into the home. Ensure that your vacuum cleaner is up for the job so that the maid can do quality work.

Cleaning Around Children and Pets

Two kids with dogs at the living room

When children and pets run around a home while it is being cleaned, your maid may have to pause frequently to avoid causing harm to them and to the home. Children and pets may also prevent the house from being cleaned as thoroughly. When possible, keep children and pets away from areas that are being cleaned.

Having a Home Pre-Cleaned

Some people habitually pre-clean their home before the maid arrives. This may be because they are embarrassed by the filth or because they want to help the housekeeper. Unfortunately, this practice can make it difficult for a maid to determine which areas have and have not been cleaned. It is best to let the maid do the job she or he has been hired to do.

Being Distracted by Chatty Residents

Many people often enjoy chatting with maids while they do their work. Generally, a housekeeper should focus on the task at hand. Casual chitchat may be great, but avoid getting into long, in-depth conversations while the housekeeper is busy cleaning the home.

At The Elite Maids, we take our work seriously, and we strive to deliver a home that is cleaned to your standards at every visit. Rest assured that we are familiar with top housekeeping challenges and strategies. In addition, we stay on top of trends in cleaning industry so that our maids can work effectively and efficiently. To inquire about our services, contact The Elite Maids today.