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Top Professional Cleaning Techniques

Professional Cleaning Techniques - Woman with cleaning products
Tracy Simmons
Tracy Simmons
November 12, 2021

Have you ever wondered how professional maids can work so efficiently and produce such impressive results? It may seem like you do everything that they do, but your home may never feel quite as clean when you do the work yourself. More than that, it may feel as though you are constantly cleaning your home and still not achieving the results you want to see.

Professional maids are highly skilled at what they do, and their expertise speaks for itself. They have mastered the tricks of the trade, and they are passionate about delivering pristine results. The good news is that you can adopt some of their techniques to enjoy a cleaner home with less hassle. These are some of their professional cleaning techniques that you could apply to your efforts.

Clean the Entire Home

Woman cleaning her kitchen

Many people clean a room here and there rather than cleaning the entire home at one time. However, when you clean the whole house, you may work more efficiently and save time overall. In addition, your home may feel cleaner because all spaces are immaculate at one time.

Focus on Decluttering First

You cannot reasonably clean surfaces that are covered in clutter. Before you attempt to vacuum, dust, or clean in other ways, put things back where they belong. Toss unwanted items in the trash or place items in good condition in a box for donation.

Gather Your Supplies

Cleaning products in a basket

You can waste a lot of time and energy walking back and forth between your rooms, looking for cleaning supplies and equipment. Keep your supplies in a caddy that is easy to tote around. Remember to put the items back after use so that you always know exactly where they are.

Clean From the Top Down

After the clutter is gone, you should start by cleaning each room’s ceiling fans, light fixtures, and upper corners. Then, move to the furniture. Because dust and debris will fall to the floor as you work, the floor should be the last thing you clean.

Disinfect Hard Surfaces

Woman cleaning the kitchen's cabinets

Your home will not be as clean as it should be if germs and grimy fingerprints are all over the most touched surfaces in the house. Walk through your home with a bottle of disinfectant and a clean rag. Wipe down door handles, appliances, stair rails, toilet handles, light switch plates, and other frequently touched areas.

How Frequently to Do Certain Chores

While you want your home to be as clean as possible, some chores simply do not need to be done as frequently as others. For example, you do not need to clean windows as often as you need to vacuum. Create a schedule to stay on track with all chores without working harder than you need to.

Recruit Help

While some maids clean on their own, many work in a team. Your weekly cleaning chores will go twice as fast when you recruit help and use professional cleaning techniques simultaneously. Everyone contributes to the mess, so everyone should do their part to keep the house clean.

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