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Ultimate Holiday Cleaning Tips Guide

Tips Guide for Holiday Cleaning - People vacuuming the living room
Christine Ellis
Christine Ellis
December 2, 2022

The holiday season is here, and the best way to have a welcoming home or business is to clean before putting up festive decorations.

Prepping for the season will be a breeze with this ultimate guide for holiday cleaning tips that will help you stay on-task!

Prioritize Areas to Clean

The first step to holiday cleaning is to focus on the rooms that guests and family use the most. Putting the most effort into keeping these areas tidy and disinfected throughout the holiday season and delegating less used rooms to basic cleaning will reduce stress.

Create a Cleaning Caddy

Cleaning supplies

A caddy of cleaning products makes it easier to keep your home or business tidy, and keeping it in a central location lets you perform quick touch-ups throughout the day.

You want to stock your caddy with the following:

  1. An all-purpose cleaner (homemade or a commercial product)
  2. Glass cleaner
  3. Furniture polish
  4. Magic eraser sponge
  5. Microfiber cloths
  6. Duster wand (Swiffer)
  7. Paper towels
  8. Disinfecting wipes

If your carpets and area rugs are soiled, now is the time to DIY or schedule a professional carpet cleaning.

Clean and Declutter Entryway

Walking into a clean and inviting home or business feels great. First, remove clutter from tables or counters, dust, polish glass, mirrors, and wood, then vacuum or mop.

Lightly moisten a magic eraser sponge with cleaner or water and remove scuff marks or tough stains on the floor, baseboards, and walls.

EXPERT TIP: Add a large rubber shoe mat inside the door to corral footwear and keep mud, salt, and snow off the floors. A temporary free-standing hall tree will provide hooks for guest coats, hats, and scarves without the need to find room inside a full coat closet.

KEEP IT CLEAN: Sort and put away incoming mail immediately. Remove smudges on wood, glass, or mirrors daily. Wipe down door handles, tables, and countertops with disinfecting wipes to reduce germ transmission.

Deep Clean Living and Dining Room

Woman cleaning the living room

A spotless living and dining room lets you decorate and entertain in a fresh space.

Here is a checklist to follow:

  1. Wash windows
  2. Vacuum curtains and upholstered furniture (including pet beds) - don't forget to lift and clean under cushions
  3. Dust light fixtures, pictures, shelves, decor, door and window frames, tables, and baseboards, and check for cobwebs
  4. Wash throw pillows or toss them in the dryer for 15 minutes to fluff and freshen
  5. Vacuum carpets or mop solid surfaces
  6. Spot-treat any stains or scuffs, and treat pet messes with an odor-eliminating spray
  7. Wipe down plant leaves to remove dust and dirt

KEEP IT CLEAN: Vacuum or mop regularly to keep dirt to a minimum. Pick up wayward items, fluff couch cushions, fold blankets, and straighten coffee or dining table decor daily. Quickly run a disinfecting wipe over commonly touched items like remote controls and the backs of wooden chairs.

MORE HOLIDAY CLEANING TIPS: Coasters on tables will prevent moisture damage from drinks. Try a diffuser with pine, cinnamon, or vanilla, to add a wonderful fragrance to the room.

Kitchen Clean and Prep

Cleaning and organizing the kitchen and pantry will make food storage, prep, and cooking much more efficient. Here's a checklist to ensure you don't miss a thing:

  1. Deep clean fridge and freezer - discard expired items, and organize like foods/drinks/condiments together
  2. Clean oven, stove, and range hood with a degreasing cleanser
  3. Wipe down backsplashes, walls, counters, and cabinets
  4. Deep clean microwave or toaster oven
  5. Dust/wash light fixtures, upper cabinets, wall decor, table, chairs, and baseboards
  6. Run a cleaning pod through the dishwasher
  7. Wipe out cabinets, shelves, drawers, and pantry and reorganize contents
  8. Sweep and mop floors, wash area rugs
  9. Wash windows

KEEP IT CLEAN: The best quick kitchen cleaning tips include washing and putting away dishes after each meal to keep counters and sink clear. In addition, taking out the trash, sweeping floors, and wiping the stove top and microwave interior daily will keep your kitchen in peak order.

Bathroom Beautification

Christmas towels

Keeping your main bathroom spotless for family or guests will take a consistent effort during the busy holiday season. Start with this deep cleaning routine:

  1. Remove and wash the shower curtain, floor mats, and all dirty towels
  2. Spray counters, tub/shower walls, and exterior of the toilet with an all-purpose cleaner and let sit for five minutes
  3. Using a microfiber cloth or magic eraser, scrub down and rinse the counters, tub/shower, and toilet and wipe dry
  4. Clean mirrors, light fixtures, and glass
  5. Scrub toilet bowl and around toilet seat attachments with an appropriate cleaner (use cotton swabs to clean around hinges)
  6. Empty trash, and add a scented liner bag
  7. Clean and reorganize medicine cabinet and under sink cabinets
  8. Clean dingy grout or caulk by spraying on a bleach solution and letting it air dry
  9. Use Drano or a drain-clearing tool to remove hair and soap build-up from the tub or sink

KEEP IT CLEAN: Sweep floors, remove the trash, wipe mirrors, scrub the toilet, and shake out floor mats daily or as necessary. Remove and replace dirty towels immediately. Use a disinfecting wipe over countertops, faucet handles, and toilet areas often.