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What Does a House Cleaner Do When They Clean?

What Does a House Cleaner Do? - Someone cleaning a cabinet
Tracy Simmons
Tracy Simmons
February 11, 2022

Like many other people, you may spend at least several hours cleaning your house each week. Whether you go on a cleaning binge-like clockwork each Saturday morning or you prefer to tackle a few tasks each day, you undoubtedly feel as though you are spending far more time than you should. At the same time, you may be less than thrilled about the results of your efforts. Hiring a housekeeper is the perfect solution, but what does a house cleaner do?

The Need for Professional House Cleaning Services

Professional House Cleaning Services

Before you learn about the specific services, it is crucial to consider your need for these services. You may face a variety of housekeeping challenges. For example, you may find it impossible to get the hard water stains off of your glass shower door, or you may not know which products are safe to use on different surfaces in your home. Whether you deal with these or other issues when you clean, those issues may be preventing you from living in the pristine environment that you and your loved ones deserve to live in. You may be spending long hours each week cleaning when you should be enjoying life to the fullest, and you still may not love the results of your hard work. House cleaning services give you back your free time, and they give you a perfectly immaculate home at the same time.

Standard House Cleaning Services

Woman dusting the TV

When you clean your house, there are chores that you must do every week, such as vacuuming and dusting the furniture. You may do other duties once in a blue moon, such as cleaning out the fridge and wiping the ceiling fan blades. A standard house cleaning service covers all of the chores you may do weekly. In addition to vacuuming and dusting, they may include sweeping and mopping, wiping down the counters, and cleaning the outside of the appliances in the kitchen. The toilets, counters, mirrors, bathtubs, and shower stalls will receive attention in the bathrooms. Often, bedrooms will be tidied, beds will be made, and a load of dishes may be started as well.

Deep Cleaning Services

Cleaning out the refrigerator

While you may schedule standard house cleaning services anywhere from once a week to every two weeks, you may schedule deep cleaning services once or twice each year. What does a house cleaner do for deep cleaning services? Depending on your requirements, a deep cleaning service can include cleaning out the refrigerator, oven, cabinet interiors, and drawers in the kitchen and bathrooms. You can also request blind cleaning and interior/exterior window washing. Some cleaning companies even offer organization services to help declutter your space.

Some people believe that a housekeeper would not give their home the same thorough efforts, but this is not true in many cases. The reality is that housekeepers will give your home the top-to-bottom cleaning that it deserves regularly. To schedule a cleaning today, get a Free Estimate today.